Civil and Structural Engineering

Civil Engineering

The drainage and infrastructure aspects of a project are fundamental to its successful delivery.

LOR Contracting provide bespoke services to suit every site regardless of the nature of the proposed development. LOR Contracting operate across a broad range of sectors from residential to industrial, whatever the type of client we can provide a full cradle to grave service, or tailor our input to suit a specific design stage or service element.

We always seek to provide sustainable solutions that add value to the client’s brief both during construction and throughout the whole life cycle.

Drainage services include:

  • Initial Drainage Strategies;

  • Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS);

  • Floor risk assessments;

  • Flood mitigation measures;

  • S.104 agreement for adoption of a public sewer;

  • S.106 agreement for connection into a public sewer;

  • Highway drainage design and approval under S.38;

  • S.185 sewer diversions;

  • All private drainage requirements;


Structural Engineering

Structural engineering lies at the heart of all good building projects and it is our engineering partners’ skill that helps to deliver successful schemes. As a result LOR Contracting’s engineers are an integral part of the project delivery team.

We are experienced in all the main sectors: retail, residential, industrial, health, commercial, scientific research, education; as well as historic buildings and conservation projects.

Our structural services include:

  • Structural inspections (building defects and repairs);

  • Foundation design;

  • Basement and retaining wall design;

  • Structural masonry, timber, reinforced concrete and steel design;

  • Timber frame and cold formed metal frame design;

  • Temporary works;


Engineering excellence is not just about design, it is also about having a good understanding of the construction process and modern procurement methods. When coupled with a sound knowledge of how buildings fit together real value can be added to any scheme. Whether it is traditional methods, pre-assembled elements, modular design or sustainable forms of building.